Innovation by Design

Our 32oz and 64oz PET Plastic Growlers are perfect for the craft brew maker and lover. These lighter and more compact bottles fit in most mini-fridges and ice chests, making it the go-to container for sports lovers celebrating outdoors and indoors. Specifically engineered to make life easier, these growlers will be the first to fly off shelves for days at the beach or cookouts with friends.

Having a lighter, plastic design eliminates breakage and maximizes customer convenience. The amber color and robust PET plastic continue to offer the protection you need, while preserving the taste your beer deserves. APM also makes the specially fitted tamper-evident caps for the 32oz and 64oz PET Plastic Growlers and with our Just-In-Time inventory method, all orders, large and small, can be produced and at your door on-time for any event.

We thrive on innovation and unparalleled customer satisfaction, just like our counter parts in the world of craft brewing. Our products stand out because our team is continuously exploring unique ways to solve your problems.

We would love to speak with you about your specialized needs!